Email Copywriting FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions That You Want Answered



Who are you really Email Edgar (and we mean REALLY)

Let’s start at the beginning. “I was born at a very young age” A bit too early………………

I’m an only child (put that psycho analysis book down), born in Cairns, Far Nth Queensland who became a father of two (step Dad to two), twice married, ex – share trader operator, former fleet car salesman and a gazillion year real estate veteran who over came 30 years of procrastination to pen a mystery fiction book in 2015 which is one of 45 short read books, including 13 x #1 Amazon bestsellers in category. (you can breathe now)

For the past 25 years I’ve written a ton of blog articles and email campaigns under my Silent Sales Machine Method which I then opened the doors to customers from the real estate, finance, coaching, renovation and adventure sports industries.


Where are you? (a nice way of saying where can we find you, if we NEED too)

I live in Brisbane and work from my office there. I get away to my other ‘office’ in Cabarita Beach often


What is copywriting?

Copywriting generally means writing words for the purpose of building relationships with the intention to make sales.

A copywriter should write any copy piece where you are wanting to sell something and this would include blog articles, email campaigns, website copy, sales letters social media profiles, LinkedIn pages, advertisements and so on. You need words that sell without making you look like a hustler.

At Email Edgar, an email copywriting Brisbane service, we ensure that the purpose of your product or service is very clear and that your customers will not leave confused. We aim to get more customers to sign up on your mailing list, build a relationship with you or buy your product or service.


What is email copywriting?

Email copywriting is delivering your message via email with the specific aim to attract more prospects, build relationships with these people and convert them into regular buying customers. Emails can be singular, used in a product launch, form part of an autoresponder series or be delivered in a  daily sequence.

Read this article here.


What is your copywriting experience?

I’ve been copywriting since the early nineties.

“Ding. Ding. It’s Round 12 – The Final Countdown was part of the best copy I had ever read. I had no resistance to buying a waterfront villa from Greg Reed in 1990” – Jim Ireland, CEO, Fern Tree Gully.

Blog articles coupled with well crafted email sequences are my favourite.

“Blog articles drove around 25,000 visitors to our website every month” – Magnetic Real Estate Agent

“Greg is a talented marketer who truly understands buyer behaviour. He can take your existing database and breathe new life (and sales) into it. If you are not using email marketing, you are potentially missing out on a massive source of sales and leads…. the best part, Greg can automate your processes to reduce your effort and maximise your returns!” – Jamie Buttigieg, StoryBrand Certified


How much does it cost?

Blog copywriting costs can be found here.

Email copywriting whether it be product launch copywriting, autoresponder copywriting, daily email copywriting will require us having a 15 – 30 min call (Book A Call) after which I can send a proposal.


Do you require a deposit?

Yes. 50% of the project is invested before I start with the balance within 7 days of completion.


But why do you require a deposit? Shouldn’t you just wait until the end?

Nope. I’m delivering professionally written copy that cannot be retracted once delivered.


Where did you learn copywriting?

From the comfort of my home office. There are no universities or colleges where you can get a degree, Masters or PhD.

You get your ‘chops’ by doing copywriting; lots of copywriting. And you learn and get mentored by the best copywriters, live or dead, in the world. Like:

  • Mike Shreeve – No Pants Project and Wealthy Writer creator – Mel Robbins has been a client.
  • Ben Settle – I’ve done his Email Marketing Machine course 10 times (and nope I didn’t fail 9 times)
  • Dan Kennedy – Godfather of Direct Response copywriting – I’m a 20 book owner
  • Bill Glazer – Co-Founder GKIC
  • Ray Edwards – this Christian copywriter has gone grunge lately but his teachings are pure
  • Jim Edwards – The Jim Edwards Method
  •  Frank Kern – Mass Control founder
  • Justin Welsh

Can you write for my industry?

I mainly write for the real estate industry, from agents, to franchise groups and even suppliers to the property industry.

The reason I get called in is because:

  • I sold $400 million of real estate. I understand buyers and sellers. I know what makes them tick.
  • I’ve worked in commercial real estate. I leased and sold ‘tin sheds’ to designer retail warehouses for Australia’s largest commercial agency as well as manage 12 Brisbane CBD buildings under a private equity firm
  • I’ve been in corporate real estate for 13 years + servicing agency owners, mentoring agency staff and providing marketing services for real estate industry suppliers

Put simply I understand real estate and I’m your ‘insider’ copywriter. I’ve written over 1,000,000 words. But I have more experience

Other experience includes:

  • Motor vehicle industry – fleet, ‘fleetail’, and government sales and management
  • Business coaches
  • Story brand focused businesses
  • Building renovations
  • Property development companies
  • Immigration services
  • Adventure companies
  • LinkedIn writing

If your industry is not listed, don’t worry. We’ll have a chat and I’ll get to understand your industry. I do some research, dive deep into the psyche of the members of your industry, and write some amazing copy for you. Crikey I’ve written for a hot air balloon company!

My style is conversational with a touch of humour to give an entertaining, engaging feel to my work. Readers remember my copy and thankfully I know my boundaries.

Here’s what I’m not: A corporate writing jock of policies, annual reports, policies & procedures or any other document bound by strict non-flexible guideline. Google these services to get a better fit.


Do you edit your work?

I have two editors in the US and one in Australia. Depending on the job, their availability and the extra fees applicable, I’ll send your work to at least one external proof reader.

I do run your work through Grammarly which cleans up spelling errors and grammar mistakes in your work as part of my service.


There are a stack of Brisbane copywriting services. Why you?

Good question. But in a global world of business why limit your search just to Brisbane.

We can meet online. We can chat via Skype. We can video conference via Zoom. There are no barriers. And of course your work can be delivered globally.

But why me? I think you’ll find me easy to get a long with. I’ve been a good salesman in my life which means I’ve been able to connect with a lot of people, have clear interest in them and their needs and been able to deliver a great service on time; every time.

I’m competitively priced and I deliver BIG on value. For bargain hunters, I’m extremely expensive. But for successful business owners,  they want the best job and that’s what I deliver.


How do we contact you?

Complete the Contact form on this site or Book A Call