Email Copywriting

Want headline grabbing, super engaging email copywriting with a touch of spice that won’t burn your readers but will have them screaming for more?

Of course you do.

But if you are a ‘stick in the mud, rigid, buttoned collar, ironed Y fronts kind of dude who wishes he was a Literary Professor at Oxford; I’m not the guy for you to hire.



Why choose me for your email copywriting?

  • I’m regarded as one of Brisbane’s best email copywriters
  • I’m an entertaining copywriter – that’s goobly gock for ‘funny’¬† but I also know the boundaries
  • I’m a relationship builder – no one night stands with me – my email copywriting¬† is long term
  • My emails get opened with eye ball grabbing headlines (that’s a big deal).
  • Clients love me or so they tell me.
  • I believe in mutual trust and getting the job done on time; every time.

My email copywriting has been crafted from the world’s best (right down to the full stop)

  • Mike Shreeve
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Frank Kern
  • Ray Edwards
  • Jim Edwards
  • Ben Settle

If you’ve every bought from an infomercial at 2am, taken a motivational course, bought a weight loss product or have been smooched by your chiropractor’s emails, then possibly one of the above guys wrote the words that got you to open your wallet or purse (or one of their students).

What are some of my email copywriting packages

  • Autoresponder email campaigns
  • Product launch email campaigns
  • Daily email campaigns
  • Broadcast email copywriting campaigns

How to get the best out of my email copywriting service

  • Have a ‘living, breathing database that’s in good shape. Dead lists or ones that have been psychologically, consistently bashed with high pressure sales techniques are virtually impossible to bring back to life.
  • Have been in business for 2 years +. Start ups are fun but usually there’s not a lot of relationship hugging going on with customers.
  • Be flexible
  • Understand your customers are the heroes and that I’ll be writing in their language to get them to fall in love with you.

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