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 If you are like most of my visitors here, you are already a successful business person. You are committed to growing your business and expecting better results. Your focus is not just one dimensional though; it’s not only about business profits. You care about your people, family and yourself. You want success on many fronts.

And that’s important because it means that we are on the same page.

But there’s something missing in your business;
isn’t there?


You’ve invested heavily into your business both financially and with your blood, sweat and tears. Customers come to you, some buy, but they don’t seem to come back.

You keep abreast of marketing trends. You partake in social media marketing but you can’t see the results. You worry, become anxious and everything and everybody around you are the bearers of your disgruntled business life. And that’s not who you want to be.


I’ve been there too


I know what it feels like to be in over your head. Juggling fifteen balls in the air; most dropping to the ground without achieving anything. You feel like you’re on the hamster wheel 24/7.

Success came for me when I stopped chasing the shiny ball and gave up on the ‘next big thing’ approach to my business. I started to value what I had and realised that I needed to look after my existing clients more rather than treating them like ‘one night stands’.

I started to engage with my customers more allowing them to get to know, like and trust me.


Greg Reed is a top professional who is dedicated to achieving excellent results for his clients and partners. His wealth of experience and strategic vision allow him to seek out and find innovative ways of doing things that benefits all concerned” – Anthony Bowers, Tallant Asia


“…a dynamic, intelligent and ambitious individual. His organisational abilities coupled with his attention to detail married up with his people skills to meet targets and deadlines with a refreshing and somewhat consummate ease” – Russell Stewart, Motor Vehicle Industry


“Greg Reed is an exceptional business man with true work ethics and an ability to get the job done” – Brett McCallum, Chairman BSMC Group


My business life continued to flourish. As a serial writer, guest blogger and speaker for start- ups to Fortune 500 companies, I am also a 13 times Amazon bestselling author. My email marketing strategies have collectively earned customers tens of millions in sales in super competitive businesses as well as creating bestsellers in the crowded publishing industry.

But my best successes have come from creating a terrific family life; partly due to a better work life.

There is no magic trick here nor am I a ‘guru’. I’ve simply learned what works and what doesn’t.


Can I help you do the same? 


Together with my team at Email Edgar, I help overwhelmed, frustrated high achievers like you, stop your customer leakage, build better relations and make more sales using highly engaging email copywriting. My email writing sells!

Through our pre-made templates or our ‘done-for-you’ service we are creating business success for leaders around the globe. We are seeing business owners ditch the haze and refocus on other areas of their business. And with that success we are seeing them enjoy a better life. Our focus is about YOU.

I hope you will join us.

Greg Reed
CEO – Chief Email Officer


You deserve to grow your business

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