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What is search engine optimized copy – SEO copy?

It is well written, well crafted, keyword rich, customer answering content that engages readers and helps boost your website on Google and pushes it up the rankings so your business can be easily found.

SEO copywriter Brisbane – why me?

I’ve lost count of the number of websites I’ve written copy for, blogs I’ve added or email copywriting I’ve done. And it’s all been done from Brisbane for both local, Australian and global companies. They have included:

  • Real estate companies
  • Digital marketing companies
  • Author websites
  • Business coaches
  • Builder renovation companies
  • Adventure companies

What do you get from this SEO copywriter Brisbane?

  • Entertaining, engaging SEO copywriting that grabs visitors and holds them on your page (without holding a gun to their head)
  • Great readability – ideal for scanning on a mobile phone
  • State of the art keyword research from the world’s most powerful services
  • Well constructed copy that is clear in it’s message.
  • Usage of simple SEO copywriting words – we don’t use fancy words to impress you.

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