What Johnny English Taught Me About Business

The Serious Side To Johnny English

Your mission, should you decide, is to
read this email and understand it’s
message so as to improve your business.

As in all cases, should you become distracted
and not finish this piece, then your business
may suffer. (now play Mission Impossible music
in your head)

Okay, okay…..

Enough of the Mission Impossible stuff. I wanted
to get you into the spy mood, warm you up for the
‘King of Spy’, the suaveness of British crime fighting
and the slayer of beautiful women villains ……….

………. yes you guessed it…… not James Bond BUT

Johnny English

Yesterday I watched the latest installment from the Johnny
English stable – Johnny English Strikes Again

and I’m still laughing.

But in between fits of laughter, I also thought about the
underlying messaging the directors of the film were
trying to give the business world…….well probably not.

But here’s my take on it anyway.

1. Beautiful Girls Are Attracted To Funny Men

……even if they are ugly. People, including
beautiful girls love to laugh which proves the
the theory that brain really does rule over brawn.

And it’s also the reason why I try to be funny in
in my writing. Comedy breaks down barriers. It
draws people together, builds relationships and

2. Old Beats New

When Johnny returns to MI7 he is presented with
the latest iPhone to take into battle.

He immediately rejects this easily tracked device
for a bit of old fashion muscle……a gun..and it comes
in handy.

And then there’s Johnny’s car – a 1978 Aston Martin
V8 Vantage in red of course, which in spite of running
out of fuel packs more punch than Ophelia’s (the beautiful
seemingly bad chick )electric BMW.

Some things get better with age you know…..even

Social media is another new thing that everybody is
jumping on board with but rarely masters. The ‘old
way’ to communicate by picking up the phone and
actually talking to somebody is very foreign to our
Gen X and Y people. And that’s a shame.

Email also gets a bashing. “Email is Dead” are headlines
published far and wide.

But did you know that email produces a 44:1 return on
investment over social media. FACT.

3. Data Rules

Jack Volta the billionaire baddy in the film is the data
king. He wants to rule the world (sounds like Mark

His youthful good looks fools the Prime Minister played
by Emma Thompson who hands over all of Britain’s data.

Ooops Emma.
You can’t put all your trust into one basket dear. What sounds
like a good idea may go wrong. Just ask     the the 70 million
Facebook users that got hacked recently.

But not everybody is a villain with data. Data can be used
for the good of mankind (and womankind…….before I get
an abusive email claiming I’m being sexist).

At Email Edgar we gather data and use it for our clients to
build their ‘omnipresence’ –  their what ?

It’s where they are seen everywhere. And

The client appears to be easily accessible for customers to
do business and whola……they do more business. Kaching!

There are many more lessons I’m sure that are hidden in the movie
– if I could just stop laughing and think seriously about it.

Nah….that’s my take anyway. I hope you got something out of
it or I at least fired you up to go and see the movie. It’s a great
LAUGH! and we all need to do more of that!

Greg ‘I’m Still Laughing’ Reed
PS. If you want to discover how to get ‘omnipresence’ or build
better relationships through email, Book A Call

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