What Is Direct Response Copywriting?

Direct response copywriting is carefully constructed sales copy laid out in simple to understand language that creates an emotion and evokes an immediate reaction. Put simply is is words that sell!

Direct response copywriting or marketing always has a call to action that has an immediate, measurable outcome. This form of copywriting is very results driven.

What’s involved in direct response copywriting

A copywriter involved in direct response copywriting needs to:

  1. Understand the customer’s market
    The copywriter needs to research the market he/she is writing for and know it intimately. They need to identify where the customer is, their age, their shopping habits, if they life online or traditional shopping, how often they shop and so on.But this research goes way beyond demographic indicators. A good copywriter involved in direct response copywriting for their client will be a student of psych cybernetics and truly understand what makes that customer tick. What are their:
    * fears
    * keeps them up at night
    * brings them joy
    *  interests
    * political persuasion
    * etc etc
  2. Direct response copywriting starts with an eye catching headline
    All great copy must have a great headline.Without an eye catching headline, nobody will read the rest of the copy.Think of a magazine sitting on the rank inside the newsagent’s shop. We scan headlines to determine what might be of interest before with pick up that magazine to read the article or scan the other headlines to determine if we’ll buy the magazine.“Prince Charles Caught Sexting The Maid” might be a headline spread across a gossip style magazine that would probably attract readers.

    Headlines are very important. Read Email Marketing Headlines – How To Get Customers Clicking

Who is the best in direct response copywriting?

This list is debatable but for my money I’d include:

* Dan Kennedy
* Gary Bencivenga
* Jay Abraham
* Ken McCarthy
* Joe Sugarman

You can engage these experts to write your sales copy but you’ll need very, very deep pockets.

What does it cost to employ a direct response copywriting pro?

According the the American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) a sales page is around $3,000 – $5000 USD for an intermediate copywriter and up to $10,000+ for an expert copywriter.

Check out all the rates here.

What’s the formula to write great direct response copywriting

#1 – Point out who your message is for
#2 –
Identify their problem
# 3 –
Talk about why what they’re currently doing to solve their problem won’t work
# 4 –
Tell them how you discovered what DOES work
# 5 –
Tell them how they can get it

How to become a direct response copwriting pro

The best way to become proficient in writing good direct response copy is to take a course.

There are a ton of courses out there but the team at Copwriting Guide has down a great review on Neville Medhora’s KopwritingKourse.com

Check it out:

Helping YOU Become A Better Copywriter


Direct response copywriting sells your products or services. The cost to employ a good copywriter depends on their experience. The AWAI provide a great guide on what the current rates are.

If you choose to do the direct response copywriting yourself, please learn the skill first




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