I Quit

“I Quit” could mean stopping doing something;

leaving something for good; giving up on something

or accepting defeat.

Crikey there’s a lot of shite being pumped
out at them moment.

People think they are being helpful except the snake
oil salesman, he’s always out to make a buck.

Over the years two things stand out for me. The power
in the word “no” and the 80/20 principle.

The word no can be so euphoric! It stops procrastination
dead in its tracks and allows you to move forward.


It’s become a bit of a habit. Like yesterday for example.

I quit checking Facebook every 10 minutes. I love it on a
Sunday morning when Facebook sends me a watch time
report………….and its DOWN on the previous.

I fist pump the air and internally say “I’m not addicted to
you Mr. Zuckerberg!” I just said “no”

I also quit watching 4 news channels for updates. Waiting for
the latest news about how many more people died from
the virus. Depressing! No, no I don’t need that.

Instead I watched a re-run of Keeping Up Appearances –
funny in parts but maybe depressing when I think what
I’ve resorted too.

I quit opening text messages from friends sending the
latest COVID-19 video; even if they were meant to be funny.

Yes I’m a fully paid up, card carrying quitter.



Don’t become confused about quitting and failure.

Some people think that by quitting is only applicable
to failure. No!

Quitting allows you to do more of the things you want to do.

When you applying it to the 80/20 rule then you can really
move ahead. Do the things that matter most to getting the
things you most want.


Imagine if you quit worrying. The freedom you would get.

Worrying is a dreadful disease. Its a thought that manifests
in your head, that will probably never come true. Yep it’s B.S.

But it can be very debilitating. It’ll fester like a sore. The
more you play with it, the worse it becomes. Quit now!

“The chains of worry are forged in idle hours”. Keep busy!


I started writing mystery fiction in 2015.

I used to check my book details on Amazon daily.

If I was given a lousy review (a 1 or 2 star) I would sink
into deep depression . The I would start to ruminate.

“Nobody loves my books”. “I’m a crap writer” and so on.

Here’s reality. One person didn’t like my book. I didn’t know
them. I had no control over what they said. And I’d have no
idea if they would ever buy from me again because Amazon
wouldn’t tell me.

When I took this on board  I stopped reading reviews. I haven’t
read a review since 2016 – good or bad. “I feel better now”

I quit. What will you quit today? Let me know. I’d love to hear.


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