10 Mind Blowing Tips To Quadruple Your Success

If you want to at least double if not quadruple
your business, income and success, print this
email out several times and place a copy in
your bathroom, on the fridge, under your pillow
and throw a few copies in your car, briefcase
and suit jacket. Girls just femme up those blokie

Here we go:

1. Make repetition your friend. Go deep not wide
when you learn stuff

2. Ignore everything being taught on Fakebook
I don’t even believe the words coming out of
Mark Zuckerberg’s mouth especially at Senate
Inquiries – “we’re here for the people.

B.S. Mark – you’re a public company with
shareholders demanding a return on their

I don’t believe the Mr Nice Guy look no matter
how much of a baby face you have.

3. Eliminate all neediness from your marketing
Desperation can be smelt from a mile away.

4. Don’t build a list – build an audience.
That means talking to it, build a relationship

Just like I’m doing now with you. I would love
to chat but I’ve got another 6 life changing points
to deliver.

5. Be an investment minded buyer not an opportunity
    minded seeker. Invest in your self means spending

Sometimes the best things in the world aren’t free.

6. Practice storytelling every day via writing emails
to your tribe. Don’t be a flogger of stuff

7. Create your own media – don’t rely on somebody
else. Remember content is king. Produce often.
Don’t worry about it being ‘perfect’ – go often

8. Be a reader not a skimmer. Get a book on a subject
and completely read it – start to finish.

Then read it again – 10 more times!

9.  Do something everyday that makes you better
than yesterday.

Walk for 20 minutes today then 25. Get up to
and hour then start increasing your speed. You’ll
go further with each knew increment.

Crikey Einstein had nothing on me!

10. Make your goals right rather than time specific.
Eat right, cut back on the sugars and drink more
water rather than that setting a goal of having to lose
X kilos in a month.

11. BONUS. Read this list another 10 times

To quote Zig Ziglar, see you at the top

Greg ‘The Real Husband Of Guruville’ Reed

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